May 2017


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Last updated on May 26th.

Our next rehearsal will be on Wednesday, May 31st at 5 p.m.


Selections for May 28th :

The Star Spangled Banner (First verse only - Before Service starts) - Score - Lyrics


Draw Me Into Your Presence with Glorify You - Mp3 - Score


How Great is Our God (Key of G) - Score - Lyrics

Praise and Worship:

We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise (Key of D to E flat) - Score - Lyrics

We Are His Hands (Key of e) - Score - Lyrics


Nocturne #2, Opus 9 - Mp3 - Score


The Power of Your Love (Key of G) - Mp3 - - Score - Lyrics

Closing Hymn:

Victory in Jesus (Key of F) - Score - Lyrics

Note: We will only be doing the Closing Hymn in the key of F Major.

New Selections - Yet to be scheduled:

Children of God - Mp3 - Score