November 2017


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Our next rehearsal will be on Saturday, November 25th at 11:30 a.m.


November 26th:


We've Come To Praise You (F Major) - Mp3 - Score


He is Exalted - 2070 FWS (F Major) - Score - Lyrics

Praise and Worship:

Jehovah Jireh (d minor) - Mp3 - Score - Lyrics


My Tribute (B Flat Major) - Mp3 - Score

Message In Song:

We Gather Together (C Major) - Mp3 - Score - Lyrics

Closing Song:

Give Thanks - 2036 FWS (F Maj.) - Lyrics

Christmas 2017:

The Little Drummer Boy (D Major) - Mp3 - Score

Call to Light (e minor) - Mp3 - Score

Light of Hope (e minor to F Major) - Mp3 - Score

Light of Peace (A Flat to F Major) - Score

Extra Selections:

El Shaddai - Score

In a Place Like This - Mp3 - Score

Children of God - Mp3 - Score

Somewhere My Love (Live) - Mp3